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This pack of freshly made organic juices will give your over-extended digestive system a much needed break

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Enjoy Detox Juices from Juicy Ladies in Los Angeles

Numerous individuals report significant weight loss better sleep and improved digestive health simply by replacing their previous meal choices with plant-based detox cleansing options. In addition to juices, we also offer freshly prepared weight loss plans that provide everything you need for a full day of nutrient-dense, healthy eating that can play a significant part in helping you shift unwanted pounds. If you’re located in Los Angeles or Woodland Hills (San Fernando Valley), why not visit our organic juice bar and sample one of our juice fusions for yourself?

Enjoy the Fresh, Exciting Flavors of Organic Vegetarian Food

It’s rare to come across something that is good for you without compromising taste, but that’s exactly what we set out to achieve with our organic vegan café. We have created a menu that’s packed with intriguing burgers, salads, wraps, soups, desserts and more. Our entire menu is meat-free and also provides selections to cater to those who adopt a dairy free or gluten free diet. All of our dishes combine taste with nutrition to provide wholesome food that is kind to your body.

Catering Options Available

A growing number of people have come to realize that their healthy lifestyle choice is difficult to upkeep at corporate events or business lunches. Our catering choices provide the perfect solution. We can serve a wide variety of delicious and healthy options that are suitable for any dietary plan. Regardless of what event Juicy ladies will be there to ensure that your guests will enjoy their meal without compromising their healthy choices. (This, not only ensures that your guests will be able to eat freely, but it also sends out the message that you’re an organization that cares about the health of its workforce and visitors.)

Los Angeles Organic Juice Bar Conveniently Located in Woodland Hills

Our restaurant is ideally placed for people who live in the area to come down and visit. With our free WIFI and our tasty inventive kids’ menu available, we welcome families, groups, and business meetings. Juicy Ladies makes healthy eating a tasty and fun packed experience. To find out more, call us now at (818) 716-0800.