Organic Catering in Woodland Hills

If you want to show your colleagues, friends or visitors that you value them, an organic, freshly prepared breakfast or lunch is an excellent option. We offer an extensive choice of organic vegetarian food as well as vegan, raw and gluten-free dishes that are healthy and delicious. Options include salads, soups, desserts, and juices, providing everything you need for great dining. Just use our online ordering or phone to book in advance and we will have everything ready for when you need it.


Organic Vegan Café

For people who’ve already discovered how appealing vegan and organic vegetarian food can be, our tempting menu will have something for everybody. freshly prepared. If you usually follow a more conventional diet but want to find out more about just how nutritious and appetizing meat and dairy free choices can be, why not drop in and try some of the tempting options we’ve created? Burgers, sandwiches, and wraps are all available, as well as a selection of kids’ meals for younger family members.


Detox Cleansing and Detox Juices

Many people who regularly detox through juicing claim that it provides significant health benefits. From improved digestion to enhanced vitality and revitalization, juicing can bring a number of benefits. Even if you’re not following one of our weight loss plans or juicing to cleanse your body, our juice fusions are always worth ordering simply because they taste great!


We Love What We Do

We are totally committed to providing wholesome, freshly prepared meals, and juices to people who live and work in and around Woodland Hills. Whether you want to pop down to our organic juice bar, or would rather pick up a balanced, nutritious, pre-prepared daily meal pack for weight loss, our team will be happy to help. To find out more about what we can provide, or speak to us regarding any aspect of our menu, please call us at (818) 716-0800.