In the beginning of 2009 two mothers came together with their professional journeys in healthcare to create a one-stop shop for healthy living. In order to better understand the customer’s needs Juicy Ladies was part of the Pacific Palisades farmers market for two consecutive years. Knowing that a lifestyle change cannot be done overnight, Magal and Kinzie created multiple detox programs to help guide their customers to reach their potentials.

Our Founders created Juicy Ladies to bring awareness to a healthy organic way of life. From Juices to Burgers we cater to our vegan and gluten free clientele. Our menu was created with nutrition in mind without compromising the quality and taste.

Through our café we aim to guide and educate the public on the benefits of healthy eating. Our ingredients in our food and juices are 100% organic and are sourced from top local farms. What we consume nurtures and enriches our mind, body and spirit. Our promise is that the quality of taste will change your perspective on health foods.
Our Founders

Kinzie OppenheimLetting go of unhappy results Kinzie began learning the affects of our diets on a molecular level. This sparked her passion for educating others on the connection between nutrition and health. As a certified holistic nutritionist and skin therapist, Kinzie applies her knowledge in creating nutritional food with appealing taste.Magal NagarBeing a mother of three and concerned about her children’s diet Magal decided to Co-Found Juicy Ladies. As a certified acupuncturist she decided to incorporate a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. Envisioning a business where healthy eating can affect your mind, body and soul.